The new national laners group for England and Wales

Mission Statement
All Terrain UK’s mission is to promote responsible, sustainable and enjoyable green laning.

Our aim is to represent the interests of recreational 4x4 users and to protect our ability to use unsurfaced vehicular rights of way.

We shall strive to be effective, approachable and accountable to our members and will operate with the highest level of transparency at all times.
As active and passionate green laners, we recognised the need for an organisation which better represents today’s 4x4 users of unsurfaced rights of way. Our core aim is to protect green lanes and preserve our right to use them, whilst not losing sight of the fact that green laning is something we do as an enjoyable hobby.

All Terrain UK will exist as an organisation which is both transparent and approachable. Members will have access to a forum where the decision making process and finances, including expenditure and bank balance, are there for all to view.

We will operate at local levels and aim to build up a ‘maintenance fund’, allowing members to apply for project funding for works such as lane maintenance, gate and fence repairs and providing signage, in fact, anything that will provide a positive result for 4x4 usage.

We will establish a network of local representatives, covering England and Wales, who will be encouraged to organise local meetings and run regional Facebook pages that are family friendly and provide information relevant to the area they cover. In addition, a national Facebook page will provide relevant news and 4x4 related articles.

Once funds allow, we aim to become an associate member of LARA, the organisation that fights for our rights at government level. We believe it is essential to give LARA our financial support, but leave the fight to their expert team.

We see All Terrain UK as providing the only credible organisation for recreational 4x4 users. It will relate to the ‘everyday laner’ and provide a much-needed approachable and transparent alternative for any individual or official organisation concerned with 4x4 rights of way.

This is just the beginning for All Terrain UK, but with your support we know we can deliver. Join now and be part of the new organisation for 4x4 green lane enthusiasts from the start.
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We encourage our members to actively discuss green lanes and issues that may impact on our rights to use them. As well as our web forum, we have a dedicated Facebook page to keep you informed of relevant news and events, and a Facebook group where both members and non-members can discuss laning in general.

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We encourage members to discuss and share knowledge using our web-based forum, where you will find useful guides and information on the following topics:-
  • How to find lanes.
  • How to prepare your vehicle for laning.
  • Legal information regarding where you can, and can't, take your vehicle
  • Information about lane closures.
  • Links to other useful resources.
  • Meet other laners around the country.
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The forum is also available via TapaTalk for easy access via mobile devices.
Maintenance Fund
The Maintenance Fund allows both members and non members to donate funds toward the upkeep of Public Rights of Way. In this time of cut backs, when councils and other bodies may prioritise spending in other areas, the Maintenance Fund will allow responsible laners to help ease the burden and proactively keep lanes open. The fund is designed to assist with maintenance costs, including the provision of signage, materials, third-party contractors and tools and other equipment for lane maintenance days.

It is proposed that the Maintenance Fund will be handled via one of two channels, depending on the amount of funding requested.

For requests of less than £250, the decision to grant funding will be made by the steering committee via a voting system. The outcome and an explanation of how the decision was reached will be made available on the forum.

For requests in excess of £250, the proposal will be posted in the relevant section of the forum. Members will have the opportunity to support or oppose the proposed grant and give their reasons. The results will be taken into consideration when the steering committee makes its final decision. This will again be decided by vote and a summary of the outcome will be made available on the forum.

A reasonable time period will be allowed before the result is announced, under normal circumstances this will be not less than 5 days and no more than 10.

Any grant made will usually be sent directly to the official body concerned via bank transfer, debit card or cheque. A receipt will be obtained and the details will be posted along with all other financial transactions once a month on the forum.

The Maintenance Fund will not be activated until a minimum of £1,500 is available outside of All Terrain UK’s running costs. It is expected that it may take some time to accrue the start-up money for the fund, and therefore it is unlikely that the facility will be activated for at least six months.

No single project will be allowed to deplete all of the maintenance fund.

To qualify for funding, the steering committee must receive in writing, full details of the project and details of the proposed beneficiary organisation.

Applications will only be accepted from fully paid members of All Terrain UK.

If you'd like to donate towards the Maintenance Fund then please use the donate button below - no PayPal account is required.

Contact Us
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Steering Committee
Health & Safety Alan King
Membership Brad Unwin
Forum Matt Richardson
Events & Finance Kirk Pearson
IT Support Darren Roberts
Regional Coordinators
Regional Coordinator Support - North Steve Hansford
Regional Coordinator Support - South Kirk Pearson
Regional Coordinator - East Midlands Simon Wilson
Area Coordinators
Area Representative - Cambridgeshire Paul John Spencer
Area Representative - Dorset Dave Meale
Area Representative - Derbyshire Matt Richardson
Area Representative - Essex Ed Matthews
Area Representative - Hampshire Steve Wasteney
Area Representative - Kent David Smeeton
Area Representative - Norfolk Adrian Horsley
Area Representative - Nottinghamshire Simon Wilson
Area Representative - Shropshire Marc Rue
Area Representative - Yorkshire South and West Andrew Cleland
Area Representative - Wiltshire Andrew Gilbert is registered in the UK Company Number 10706492
Latest News
All Terrain UK run their first ever project in Cambridgeshire, which involved a litter clearance operation on the Roman Road in Linton.Full details can be found here.